Shipping bags made from PCR regranulate Blue Angel certified

Reusable shipping bags made from regranulate

Sustainable shipping with the advantages of conventional film bags. Tear-resistant, flexible, splash-proof, takes up little space in the warehouse and is cost-effective.

Made from recycled plastic

Nordwerk Ecomailer® Shipping bags made from regranulate. Consist of at least 80% recycled materials. Practical return shipping thanks to a second adhesive strip. This makes it easy to reseal the bag. Practical and ecological!

"Blue Angel" environmental certificate

The Blue Angel guarantees that a product has less of an impact on the environment while maintaining the same usability and quality.

DHL Compliant

In the development process of this packaging, in addition to the focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness, we paid special attention to fulfilling the DHL packaging guidelines with regard to DIN EN 8295. Here, special properties are defined for the material in order to fulfil DHL conformity. Our Ecomailer® meets these requirements.

The mailing bags are of course 100% recyclable. They are returned to the raw material cycle via the yellow bin. Convince yourself of the Quality and ask for a free sample without obligation.

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